Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)

The DDA was introduced in 1999 to avoid discrimination against disabled people. The act applies to all areas where disabled persons may require access.

The act recommends that door closers should not exert an excessive resistance. This is defined as:

Between 0° and 30° the force should not exceed 30Nm
Between 30° and 60° the force should not exceed 22Nm

These figures are applied to the door as a whole (door, hinges, levers, lock and door closer) and only correct installation and adjustment of the door closer will allow it to comply with these guidelines.

With relation to the fitting and use of door closers the DDA provides a set of requirements which are seen as best practice and not legally binding.

Please remember that when fitting a door closer to a fire door the Fire Regulations require in law that all door closers operate with a minimum force of 18Nm (power size 3 on a door upto 950mm wide. Wider doorswill ned a higher power setting to maintain the 18Nm).
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