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Overhead domestic door closer
domestic door closers
spring & overhead door closers for low use applications from £2.56 each
Medium / heavy duty fire door closer
Briton door closers
briton door closers
a range of briton door closers for domestic or industrial / commercial use
Exidor door closers for new or replacement of Jebron door closers
exidor door closers
a range of Exidor door closers made and engineered in the UK
Efficient and neat slide arm / guide rail door closer
Electromagnetic hold open and free swing door closer
Floor spring door closer
Geze window operators
Geze window operators
open inaccessable windows with a geze window operator for domestic or commercial use
Accessories and spares for door closers

Or, select a door closer by its model number from the list below

Eurospec F2003
Eurospec T2024
Exidor 4870

Exidor 4900

Geze TS1000
Geze TS1500
Geze TS2000
Geze TS2000BC
Geze TS2000NV
Geze TS2000NV/BC
Geze TS3000V
Geze TS3000EC
Geze TS3000B
Geze Boxer
Geze TS4000V

Geze TS4000W
Geze TS4000E
Geze TS4000EFS
Geze TS5000
Geze TS5000S
Geze TS5000L
Geze TS500
Geze TS550
Geze TS550NV
Geze TS550E/ER
Briton 121CE
Briton 1110
Briton 2003
Briton 2130B.C
Briton 2700
Briton 2120B.C

For fixing options for scissor arm closers click here

For fixing options for slide arm closers click here

Geze hydraulic overhead door closers with standard arm, slide arm, guide rail, electromagnetic hold open or free swing

Geze manufactures an extensive range of safe and reliable closing systems for every application. Benefiting from innovative technology and ease of operation combined with the highest level of functionality quality, these hydraulic overhead and concealed door closer in both standard scissor arm and slide arm / guide rail versions can turn your design ideas into reality. We have been supplying these quality manufactured German door closers to schools, hospitals, care homes, offices over 15 years and have a deserved reputation for being well made and robust enough for all applications.
GEZE door closers are a perfect example of attractive design and practical functionality. Optically they blend with any architectural solution and provide a wide range of convenient installation and adjustment possibilities. They incorporate the very latest technical and constructional features and perform their task safely, reliably and with low maintenance requirements decade after decade. All GEZE door closers are available in silver, gold, dark bronze or white as standard, and a full range of RAL and architectural finishes can be supplied.

Doorstuff now stocks a range of Briton door closers. The Briton range of door controls include 121CE, 1110, 2003, 2130B.C and the newest product to their range, the 2700 heavy duty guide rail door closer. All the Briton closers come with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee. With automatic quantity discounts for larger orders, we pride ourselves in offering the best quality door closers at the lowest possible price. All our Briton door closers come in silver (SES) finish.

Doorstuff has become a stockist for Exidor door controls. These door closers are UK made and are engineered to the highest standards. Designed to be exact replacements for the the Jebron range of door closers the Exidor range allows an ungrade to a superior engineered product with minimal effort.

Doorstuff are located in Teignmouth, Devon.