Ten year guarantee
To support the high quality and first class engineering that has gone into their door closers, the manufacturer gives a 10 Year guarantee (subject to conditions) against defects due to faulty manufacturing, workmanship or defective material. The manufacturer agrees to replace any defective product free of charge provided the product has been fitted in accordance with the fitting instructions and maintained correctly.

Conditions of guarantee

It is important that all door closing devices are inspected and maintained properly to ensure safety is maintained. Once the device is fitted regular maintenance is recommended.


  • Any fixings that have worked loose should be re-secured
  • Any damaged components should be replaced
  • Ensure there are no obstructions which prevent the unit from functioning correctly

Every three months:

  • Check for wear. Any visible worn components should be replaced

Fixing / Installation
Installation instructions are supplied with all door closers. Provided the instructions are followed and the units are fitted by a competent person, these door closers will offer a high degree of safety and security. No responsibility can be accepted by the manufacturer if the installation instructions are not followed.

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