Geze TS3000

Geze TS3000  guide rail door closer in Silver


  • Adjustable closing force size range 1-4
  • DDA compatible
  • Suitable for fire doors
  • Adjustable back check available on BC models
  • Guide rail for smooth action
  • Adjustable latching action
  • Speed adjustment on front of closer
  • Universal fixings figure 1, 61 & 66 in one closer


A compact overhead door closer with guide rail and arm. The Geze TS3000 door closer comes in four variants, the V (power 1-4), the BC (power 1-4 with back check), the EC (power 2-3) & the EC BC (power 2-3 with back check). Complies with the new Disability Discriminaton Act recommendations when correctly fitted.
Can be used for right and left hand doors in figure 1, 61 & 66 applications. Comes boxed complete with instructions, fixing template, brackets and all fixing screws.

The Geze TS3000 is a medium duty guide rail door closer suitable for most applications. The guide rail (also known as a slide arm) gives the door closer a slim minimum profile which increases its resistance to vandalism and attack. The TS 3000 is ideal in schools, offices and hospitals, as well as domestic situations. The back check versions can be used on outward opening external doors where the back check function resists the wind "catching the door" and opening it too far. Also protect a wall behind a door from slamming open damage.

TS3000V power size 1-4

TS3000BC power size 1-4 with backcheck

TS3000EC power size 2-3
TS3000EC BC power size 2-3 with backcheck
(The hinge side is the side of the door where the knuckle of the hinge can be seen when the door is closed)

Quantity Discounts:
These discounts apply to all TS3000 closers and accessories

Example : TS3000V, silver
£62.92 (£73.93 including vat)
£61.03 (£71.71 including vat)
£59.14 (£69.49 including vat)
£57.26 (£67.28 including vat)

Door closers for hinge side of door: (figure 1 & 61)
Complete with guide rail & arm
Model Finish (view finishes)
Price (ex-vat)
TS3000V Silver
TS3000V, colour
8-10 days
TS3000V, with Cover
8-10 days
TS3000BC, back check Silver
2-3 days
TS3000EC, Silver
2-3 days
TS3000EC BC, back check Silver
2-3 days
For opposite hinge side units (figure 66) select the body and opposite hinge side rail & arm from the accessories list below
Model Finish (view finishes)
Price (ex-vat)
TS3000V, body only Silver
TS3000BC, body only Silver
2-3 days
TS3000EC, body only Silver
2-3 days
TS3000EC BC, body only Silver
2-3 days
Rail & arm hinge side Silver
Rail & arm hinge side
8-10 days
Rail & arm opposite hinge side Silver
2-3 days
Rail & arm opposite hinge side
8-10 days
E-rail & arm hinge side Silver
E-rail & arm opposite hinge side Silver
2-3 days
8-10 days
Mechanical hold open
2-3 days
Mechanical back check
2-3 days
Mounting plate Silver
TS 3000EC brochure  
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