25 year guarantee
ROYDE & TUCKER is the leading UK manufacturer of door hinges. Throughout their 75 year history the company has been recognised as being at the forefront of architectural ironmongery technology with a long-established reputation for high quality engineering, product design and innovation. To show their confidence in their product, Royde & Tucker's HI-LOAD guarantee ensures that HI-LOAD products, including Hinges & Pivots, incorporate a no wear and maintenance free performance guarantee - for 25 years.

Conditions of guarantee


Fixing / Installation
Installation of all HI-LOAD hinges need to conform with the weight limit for each hinge taking into acount factors such as size of door, useage and if a door closer is to be used.

For technical advice please consult our specification PDF or contact us on 01626 335500 or by e-mail to technical@doorstuff.co.uk quoting door size, weight and if any door closer is to be used.

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