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What is an OAD?

February 14, 2014 by · Comments Off on What is an OAD? 

EXIDOR 302ec outside access device

An OAD is an Outside Access Device; this is fitted on the outside of a final exit door which has been fitted with Panic or Emergency Exit Hardware on the inside. The OAD allows access from the outside by authorised persons. The OAD can also be locked to allow non-key holders to gain entry.  A great example of one of these is the EXIDOR 302EC (pictured) which can be integrated into your existing masterkeyed suite, if required.

Does the Exidor 305 accept a single euro cylinder?

October 29, 2010 by · Comments Off on Does the Exidor 305 accept a single euro cylinder? 

Q: (from Julian) Does the Exidor 305 come with an external access device that accepts a single euro cylinder?  And can the euro cylinder be replaced?
A: (from Doorstuff) The Exidor 305 mortice operator does come with a single euro cylinder, which you can replace with an other, for example a masterkeyed cylinder.  The cylinder operates a mortice night latch (included) which is morticed inside the door, rather than having an external outside access device.  We also supply the euro escutcheon in satin stainless steel.  If you especially wanted one with a separate outside access device, you could go for the Exidor 296 push bar on the inside together with the Exidor 302EC which also works with a standard single euro cylinder.