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It’s time to check your Panic Hardware!

April 29, 2014 by · Comments Off on It’s time to check your Panic Hardware! 

exidor spares
It is important that all panic and emergency exit hardware devices are inspected and maintained properly to ensure safety is maintained when exiting a building in any situation.  Once the device is fitted regular maintenance is recommended.
• Make sure the Exit Device functions correctly
• Any fixings that have worked loose should be re-secured
• Any damaged components should be replaced
• Ensure there are no obstructions which prevent the panic unit from functioning correctly
Every three months:
• Check for wear, any visible worn components should be replaced

Luckily, if you have British-made EXIDOR panic hardware, all replacement parts can be bought as spares and are held in stock by Doorstuff.

I have a fire door in a specialist nursing home caring for vulnerable adults which…

January 20, 2011 by · Comments Off on I have a fire door in a specialist nursing home caring for vulnerable adults which… 

needs to be opened on a regular basis to allow access for staff but which also needs to discourage the residents from using it, for their own safety.  Therefore it needs to be secure but easily opened daily and opened by anyone in an emergency. Have you any suggestions please?
This situation can be addressed using a maglock to secure the door shut, which is operated by a digital code pad on the side which staff need to access from.  The maglock would be wired into the fire alarm, so that during a fire the door is operated by anyone.  The door itself can have a pull handle on one side and a push plate on the other, or can have a simple latch with lever handles.  The maglock is not something we list here online, but contact us for a quote.

High security emergency exit pad/bar for a heavy duty exterior gate?

March 14, 2010 by · Comments Off on High security emergency exit pad/bar for a heavy duty exterior gate? 

(from Dale) Q: I’m looking for a high security emergency exit pad/bar that I can fit to a heavy duty exterior gate.  Do you have a latch product that would be suitable?
(from Doorstuff) A: You might consider the 700 series for heavy duty/ high security emergency exits.  See page 11 of the 16 page pdf on our website, link here, and the 700 series technical pdf from the manufacturer’s site, link here.
(reply from Dale) Q: From what I can see the 700 seems to be a two point system and I can only fit a single point system as it will be fitted to an exterior gate and there would be no facility for the vertical bolts, is there another single point pad/bar would you recommend for exterior use?
(reply from Doorstuff) A: The only ones I am aware of are the Locinox, not supplied by us, but you can see them on another website, link here.