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EXIDOR 4900 door closers, a Great British product

March 24, 2014 by · Comments Off on EXIDOR 4900 door closers, a Great British product 


Made by Exidor in the UK, the EXIDOR 4900 are in stock at Doorstuff. The Exidor overhead door closer range (4900, 4930, 4910, 4940, 4700, 4730, 4800, 4830 and 4820) are direct replacements for the old Jebron door closers and feature the unique high efficiency cam and roller action which is ideal for use where the Equality Act 2010 (formerly the DDA) and BS8300 – Approved Document “M” need to be considered. The cam and roller ‘gears’ the action of the door closer to provide the optimum opening and closing forces where they are needed – as the door is near the frame. The rapidly falling opening force makes the door easier to open, whilst an increasing closing force as the door nears the frame on the closing cycle, ensures safe, secure closing. Efficiency is expressed by describing the closing force as a percentage of the opening force. Therefore a 20 Newtons closing force and 27 Newtons opening force would give an efficiency of: 20÷27 x 100 = 74%. The greater the efficiency, the easier it is to open the door. Exidor’s cam and roller mechanism, with precision engineered parts and unique bearings, result in very highly efficient door closers.

New product launch: the Exidor 4870 E-mag door closer

January 27, 2013 by · Comments Off on New product launch: the Exidor 4870 E-mag door closer 

A hold open and free swing door closers which can be fitted on either side of the door in Fig 1 or Fig 66 all in one box.  This British made door closer gives good reliability with the flexibility that one unit covers both eventualities.  In stock with quantity discounts.