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Gridlock tubular latch

June 4, 2014 by · Comments Off on Gridlock tubular latch 

Gridlock tubular latch
Tubular latches are easy to fit with a standard tool kit, no complex morticing is required.  They are perfect for using on contemporary designs of internal household doors where you are using lever handles on round roses where you can bolt right through the door and the latch to give a really firm fixing.  They are also suitable for use with door handles on a backplate, which are surface mounted through the holes in the backplate.  The Gridlock tubular latch come in two backset sizes, 44mm & 57mm.  It has been tested to EN12209:2003 and can be used on fire doors.  The 8mm follower is flanked by bolt thru’ fixing holes allowing the best fixing for all modern lever handles.

What is the backset of a lock or latch?

October 12, 2013 by · Comments Off on What is the backset of a lock or latch? 

lock or latch backset

The backset is the distance from the front of the lock to the centre of the spindle as shown above.  If you intend to use new locks on an existing door, replacing your old ones, you will need to ensure the new lock fits into the existing hole in the door.  To do this, measure the backset distance of your old lock.  Our standard domestic locks are supplied with a 44mm backset length, but we can also supply locks with a backset of 57mm. Our commercial range of lockcases and latches come in either 57mm or 60mm backset.  If you’re not sure get in touch with us and we’ll help specify the right thing!

What is meant by “bolt through” door handles?

June 16, 2011 by · Comments Off on What is meant by “bolt through” door handles? 

Bolt through door handles are the best way to ensure the handles don’t get pulled off in high use settings like schools & offices.  Usually only available on round roses, the bolts go straight through the door AND the lock case or the latch.  It’s essential to check the locks and latches are suitable for bolt through fixings, you’ll be able to see holes in the lock/latch case for the bolts to pass.  Door handles on backplates are not designed to bolt through.

The handle description says the handle sets are “bolt through fixing”, what does this mean?

March 13, 2011 by · Comments Off on The handle description says the handle sets are “bolt through fixing”, what does this mean? 

Door handles can be subjected to a lot of force which, over time, can loosen and wobble them free.  Bolt thru’ fixing is the best way of fitting lever handles for a long, maintenance-free life span.  Essentially, the bolts holding the handles onto the door pass right through the door AND the lock case or latch case, and fix into the handle rose on the other side.  For this reason, lockcases and latch cases must be “bolt through fixing” too with holes in the right places (most good quality ones are these days, Doorstuff’s ALL are, but if you’re using your existing locks and latches it’s always best to check them).  It is only possible to bolt though lever handles which are on roses, rather than the traditional back plate style, which are always surface-mounted.  Watch this YouTube video about fitting door handles, it shows how the bolts and latch case all fit together to give a strong finished result.

I have a fire door in a specialist nursing home caring for vulnerable adults which…

January 20, 2011 by · Comments Off on I have a fire door in a specialist nursing home caring for vulnerable adults which… 

needs to be opened on a regular basis to allow access for staff but which also needs to discourage the residents from using it, for their own safety.  Therefore it needs to be secure but easily opened daily and opened by anyone in an emergency. Have you any suggestions please?
This situation can be addressed using a maglock to secure the door shut, which is operated by a digital code pad on the side which staff need to access from.  The maglock would be wired into the fire alarm, so that during a fire the door is operated by anyone.  The door itself can have a pull handle on one side and a push plate on the other, or can have a simple latch with lever handles.  The maglock is not something we list here online, but contact us for a quote.