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Fixing heights for pull handles to meet BS8300:2009

September 24, 2013 by · Comments Off on Fixing heights for pull handles to meet BS8300:2009 


The original BS8300 described the principles for door furniture.  Although the intention was for guidance and demonstration purposes only, in reality many specifiers and manufacturers alike have been unwilling to stray beyond the dimensions and shapes actually shown.  Consequently pull handles have invariably been 425mm high, round bar design. 
 The revised guidance moves away from fixed positions for the vertical pull handles, giving only minimum heights for the top fixing of 1300mm, and maximum height of 1000mm and minimum height of 700mm for the bottom fixing, effectively allowing a minimum 300mm pull handle.  The diameter (or cross section) of a pull handle remains at 19mm – 35mm.  Although a conventional “D” shape is shown, other shapes of pull handles such as the guardsman “T” are acceptable, as long as they meet the dimensional criteria.

1500mm long guardsman “T” pull handles in stock now – due to popular demand!

September 23, 2013 by · Comments Off on 1500mm long guardsman “T” pull handles in stock now – due to popular demand! 

guardsman-pull-handlesAll our pull handles are extremely popular, but we’ve brought the largest ones (1500mm overall length x 1200mm centres x 32mm diameter bar) in Brushed Stainless Steel into the stock range as they are more and more being ordered for a quick delivery.  These pull handles can be used on standard timber, metal, frameless glass or uPVC doors.  Supplied complete with back-to-back fixings for superior strength (although the single “bolt-thru” version can also be bought when one handle is required for only one side of the door).  “T” bar pull handles, also known as guardsman pull handles, over 300mm long comply with the Disability Discrimination Act, within the Equalities Act, for access in buildings. Perfect for entrance and internal doors on Pubs, Restaurants, Offices and any building accessed by the public. Ideal to make a feature on your door.

What is a “back-to-back” pull handle?

March 24, 2011 by · Comments Off on What is a “back-to-back” pull handle? 

When pull handles are needed on both sides of a door – for example a double action door which swings both ways – back-to-back pull handles are purchased in sets.  The bolts pass through the door and fix into the handle on the other side using a grubscrew hidden on the underside.  This method makes them very strong and unlikely to loosen over time, like surface mounted pull handles sometimes do.  Back-to-back pull handles can be used on timber doors AND frameless glass doors.  If using on glass, you’ll need to get the glass drilled before it’s toughened.  The usual bolt thread is 8mm diameter (M8), but it’s always best to get the handles before doing the drilling, because if may differ.  Tiny clear plastic washers are supplied for use on glass doors.