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Geze TS4000E
Geze TS4000E hold open  door closer


  • Continuously adjustable hold-open of the door between 80° - 180°
  • Operating voltage 24 V DC
  • Low power consumption, approx. 1 W
  • Closer in only one construction size
  • Adjustable closing force, size 1-6 to EN 1155
  • Optical size indicator
  • Adjustable thermo constant closing speed
  • All functions adjustable at the front of the body
  • Adjustable latching action via link arm
  • Same template for holes as all GEZE TS4000 closers
  • DDA compliant
  • Suitable for fire doors


For single action doors with leaf widths up to 1400 mm. Can be used for right and left hand doors without adjustment. If the door closer is to be fitted to fire and smoke protection doors, a mounting plate is usually required. For correct operation the door closer need to be hard wired into the bulding fire alarm system via a power supply unit (PSU).

The Geze TS4000E is a hold-open door closer that can be used on fire doors to hold the door open until activation of the fire alarm whereupon the door closes, maintaining the building fire protection. The Geze TS 4000E is ideal for corridor fire doors and high people-traffic areas where a door is a barrier to free movement.

Standard Package:
GEZE TS4000E for normal installation 24 V DC complete with screws, electrical terminal box, mounting template and link arm. Power Supply Unit (PSU) supplied separately (see accessories list).

Electrical Installation:
Closer : The GEZE TS4000E must be connected to a 24 V DC direct voltage supply to allow the door to be held open. Electrical Installation must be carried out by a qualified electrician.

PSU : Each power supply can operate up to 6 door closers. Each cable run must not exceed 8m (25 feet). Electrical installation must be carried out by a qualified electrician.


Voltage applied to closer = door held open
No voltage applied or turned off = door not held open, door closes automatically
The door can be closed manually at any time regardless of whether or not voltage is being applied

Electrical Data:
Operating voltage 24 V DC ±10%
Connection load 45 mA
Residual ripple max. 20%
Enclosure rating IP 54 (for interior use only)

Quantity Discounts:
These discounts apply to all TS4000E closers and accessories

Example : TS4000E, silver
£135.80 (£159.57 including vat)
£131.73 (£154.59 including vat)
£127.73 (£149.99 including vat)
£123.58 (£145.21 including vat)
Door closers:
Complete with arm & bracket
Model Finish
Price (ex-vat)
TS4000E Silver
TS4000E, colour
8-10 days
TS4000E, with Cover
8-10 days
TS4000E, transom Silver
Model Finish
Price (ex-vat)
TS4000E, body only Silver
TS4000E, body only colour
8-10 days
TS4000E, transom body Silver
2-3 days
Hold open arm Silver
Hold open arm, colour
8-10 days
Cover Silver
2-3 days
Cover, colour
8-10 days
Power supply unit White
2-3 days
Mounting plate Silver
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Colour List
satin stainless
polished stainless
polished brass
buttercup yellow
ruby red
ultramarine blue
steel blue
coffee brown
forest green
meadow green