Easter Bank Holiday Opening Times

This weekend is Easter bank holiday and therefore we have some different opening hours than normal. However, we are still open for the bank holiday weekend and therefore will be able to answer any questions on the phone or in our Teignmouth showroom. The opening hours are shown below.

Friday 9am -3pm
Saturday 9am – 12pm
Monday 9am -3pm

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Ensure Your Doors Are Working With Panic Hardware Spares

Safety should never be compromised when it comes to equipping doors in your home or business. That’s why it’s important to make sure your door is always working. Exidor recommends weekly checks to ensure that panic hardware operates correctly and that it engages with the keeps securely. Exidor also recommends that every three months the fixings are checked to be secure. Therefore in the unlikely event that your panic hardware has stopped working, Doorstuff has options to buy spare parts. This means that you can save money by replacing the broken part rather than replacing the whole panic hardware.

Doorstuff has a large range of parts and options so don’t hesitate to ask which is the right part for your door.

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Crickey! A New Discount!

Doorstuff is celebrating the start of the Formula 1 season, commencing on the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit in Australia. To mark this occasion, Doorstuff is offering 10% off all Brio products until the 17th March using the promo code at the checkout. Brio is a leading design and manufacturing company producing a range of siding and folding doors, with it’s central operations based in Sydney, Australia. Doorstuff stock Brio products such as the Bio Multifold 30 and the Brio Glassroll 30. Discount Code: AUSF1

Doorstuff will be supporting @MclarenF1 this year, with the boss even going as far as to buy a car in a similar colour!

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Parcel Thief-Resistant Door?

The CES tech expo in Las Vegas is the home of many exciting inventions making their debut into the public eye. One such innovation is the eDOR, an expanding door that allows delivery companies to leave small parcels inside the door. The door connects to an eKey on the delivery person’s smart device and unlocks expanding compartments that parcels can be stored and locked in. The door also offers a tethering device for larger parcels that sounds an alarm and alerts the police when the parcel is tampered with.

This modification to the door is supposed to tackle parcel theft, something that affected 11 million US homeowners in 2017. The door is currently still in the research and development stage so it is unknown when consumers could be using this safer method of delivering parcels.

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Great New Offer On ALL Panic Hardware!

Doorstuff are excited to offer a 10% discount on the entire Panic Hardware range! The discount is only available for a short time from the 11th to the 16th February and customers must use the discount code at the checkout to obtain the lowered price. Doorstuff stock a range of exceptional British-made panic hardware for fire escape doors by Exidor.

If you need information or advice on which panic hardware is right for you, call our technical team on 0207 099 2822.

Discount Code: Pan29619

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How To Care For Automatic Doors During Heavy Snow

This winter could bring the longest whiteout in Britain since the 1950s, according to weather forecasters. This would bring about many challenges, and would not be the best time to find out that your automatic doors are not working properly. A malfunctioning automatic door would increase heat loss, increase chances of water ingress, and increase the carbon footprint of the building.

Geze UK’s service director Steve Marshall advises people to carry out weekly checks on their automatic doors. These checks include:

  • Checking brush strips are present and in good condition
  • Clearing the opening of the door of debris like snow and grit
  • Making sure the sensors are clean and undamaged
  • Ensuring the door closes fully each time it is not in use
  • Testing push buttons to ensure the door opens properly
  • Visually inspecting the door for any damage

The full list can be found on Geze’s website and it is strongly recommended that these checks be carried out to ensure your automatic door is working. Automatic doors can be very useful however caution is advised during extreme weather.

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The Importance of a Fire Door and the Appropriate Hardware

This picture, taken by fire marshal Scott Strassburg, shows the aftermath of a cooking fire in an apartment within a complex. The door between the apartment and the corridor was left open which allowed the fire to spread. However, the corridor had two fire doors, one leading to a stairwell and one leading to more apartments. Both of these fire doors remained shut and managed to contain the fire to the corridor and therefore greatly reducing the impact of the fire and the effect on people’s ability to escape. The door in the picture shows the exit door leading onto the corridor affected by the fire; you can see how much damage the door prevented.  Unfortunately, due to the apartment door being left open, the fire spread to the corridor where significant damage was done to the other apartments that had doors left open during the fire. Therefore this picture shows not only the importance of a properly installed fire door, but of proper fire door etiquette needed to reduce damage.

Doorstuff sell fire rated intumescent seals, hinges, and door closers that are needed on a fire door. We also offer products and advice on how to make your pocket door a fire door such as the iMpero fire door FD30 pocket door kit.

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Product Spotlight: Union HD Range

The Union HD72DNL is a heavy-duty euro profile deadlocking nightlatch for use in commercial or public environments. The product works in a similar manner to a rim nightlatch, however the mortice nightlatch allows for free egress, while still enabling controlled entrance to the building.

One feature of the product is the modular case which allows for substitution for other Union HD lock cases. This means that the use of the door can be changed with minimal alterations done to the door itself. The nightlatch is suitable for use on fire doors and is perfect for areas of high use such as hospitals, schools and other public buildings that need secure entrances but easy exits in the event of a fire.

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Get Your Orders In Early!

Doorstuff have stopped dispatching orders for 2018, so any orders placed won’t be sent out until the new year. However, Christmas is a busy time for us in terms of orders, and the backlog of orders can take a few days to complete. So if you want some door furniture early in the new year, get your order in now and be at the front of the queue!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Doorstuff!

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How Does Santa Deliver Presents?

We all know that Santa is supposed to deliver presents by climbing down the chimney on Christmas eve, but what if you don’t have a chimney? How does Santa deliver to apartment flats or houses without a fire place? We heard from one of Santa’s favourite elves, Sugarplum Mary, who told us that Santa has a magical master key that allows him to unlock any door.

Non-magical master keys can open a number of different doors in a building due to the cylinder pinning system in place. Master keys can only unlock the doors they are supposed to, however Santa’s key can open any door in the world.

So if you don’t have a chimney there’s no need to worry, Santa can still visit you this Christmas.

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