Are you sometimes too tired to open your own sliding door?

Dog not included

Doorstuff has previously brought you telescopic sliding door gear, even telescopic soft stop sliding door gear, but now for one day only, we are proud to offer telepathic sliding door operators. These stylish antenna-style operators will allow the most exhausted or feeblest member of the family to masterfully open or close any of our sliding door mechanisms. Available in a range of fetching colours, the sprung telepathic device focuses mindwaves in the direction of travel, automatically gliding doors out of the way. Caution should be exerted as this is a new product (literally minutes in development) which has not been tested on hinged doors, and certainly not uPVC doors.
Strong confectionery and alcoholic beverages may have an unpredictable effect on the action of the doors, but be assured that wearing the headgear alone will make you very alluring. Dog not included.
Available for one day only (April 1st!)

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