Exidor TB450 electronic latch retraction – now in stock!

tb450With the ever increasing need for improved security, the Exidor 400 series panic hardware with electronic latch retraction offers a solution whilst still allowing safe emergency exit from inside the building.  It also allows the integration of the buildings access control systems with the panic exit devices.  Meets the Sport England requirement of fully flush fitting ironmongery in sports halls.
A motor concealed within the Touch Bar assembly provides immediate retraction of the bolts to provide access from the secure side of the door via the buildings access control system.  The locking points can also be withdrawn remotely, for example via a key switch from inside the building, whilst still maintaining the instant panic exit release function when the Touch Bar is operated.
The unit operates off a standard 24V DC, 1 amp power supply (not provided).  As standard, the bar also incorporates electronic dogging (hold back).

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