High security emergency exit pad/bar for a heavy duty exterior gate?

(from Dale) Q: I’m looking for a high security emergency exit pad/bar that I can fit to a heavy duty exterior gate.  Do you have a latch product that would be suitable?
(from Doorstuff) A: You might consider the 700 series for heavy duty/ high security emergency exits.  See page 11 of the 16 page pdf on our website, link here, and the 700 series technical pdf from the manufacturer’s site, link here.
(reply from Dale) Q: From what I can see the 700 seems to be a two point system and I can only fit a single point system as it will be fitted to an exterior gate and there would be no facility for the vertical bolts, is there another single point pad/bar would you recommend for exterior use?
(reply from Doorstuff) A: The only ones I am aware of are the Locinox, not supplied by us, but you can see them on another website, link here.

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