Introducing the SF-T telescopic sliding door kit – now in stock!

sf-t telescopic sliding door kit

Suitable for 25mm to 44mm thick timber doors, this simple accessory kit allows two timber doors to be used in a telescopic method. The doors are arranged with one door in front of the other.  It can be used in conjunction with most standard top hung timber sliding door kits (such as the GEZE Rollan and Perlan, and similar models of other makes; Coburn, Henderson, Brio, Saheco, Koblenz, etc). When the door furthest from the wall in the closed position is pulled open it moves adjacent to the other door. When the doors are aligned both doors then slide together adjacent to the wall. When the doors are to be closed the first door is pulled out until the telescopic brackets engage then it picks up the second door and both doors move until their finishing position. The threshold is kept clear by having a standard floor mounted floor guide next to the wall for door 2 whilst door 1 is guided by a floor guide mounted onto door 2.

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