Is the GEZE TS3000 BC successfully fitted in this situation?

A correspondent has a double/glazed aluminium outward opening front porch door which gets taken by wind.  The standard stay fitted there breaks and is therefore in danger of damage.  He asked therefore if the GEZE TS3000 BC can be successfully fitted in this situation.  We said, “Assuming the danger of damage mentioned is to the door itself as it hits the reveal of the wall outside and/or to the hinges and frame when the wind levers the door out against the reveal, and you take into account that the GEZE TS3000 BC indeed any guide rail door closer, permits the door to open only to 120° maximum. “BC” refers to “back check” which will help in this case by providing resistance when the wind opens the door, however there will be extra force on the door which still has to be born by the closer and the hinges.  Since the door closer will be fitted to the opposite hinge side of door (push side) Figure 61 fixing will have to be used.  It is necessary to check there is enough room on the frame for the body of the closer, and we strongly recommended buying a mounting plate, bolting through the frame when fitting.  With all these caveats taken into careful onsideration, the TS3000 BC is theoretically a good choice for our correspondent’s scenario.

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