KABA Cylinder cleaner & lubricant, 200ml – NEW IN STOCK!

KABA Cylinder cleaner & lubricant

  •  – Only £9.24 (inc VAT)
  •  – Silicon-based lubricant
  •  – Maintains & cleans any type of door lock
  •  – Dissolves & inhibits rust
  •  – Repels water and dust

Use only Kaba Cylinder Cleaner & Lubricant for lubrication and cleaning of cylinder locks. In harsh environments it is recommended to maintain the cylinders on a six monthly cycle or as required. Spray Kaba Cleaner into the keyway and insert and withdraw key three times. Wipe the key blade clean to remove any debris that may have been in the keyway.  Under no circumstances should any other fluid or aerosol lubricant be used in a cylinder mechanism.

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