Karcher Door Handles “Designs of Steel”

karcher-r40-phoenixAesthetic forms, high quality and innovative ideas – the patented rose construction in Karcher Design door handles and fittings consist of 3 parts and guarantees a surprisingly simple assembly. For the amateur this is precise and safe, while saving the expert time and money. They are fitted and bolted through boths sides of the door, and a well designed combination of positioning studs, spindle features and a securing grubscrew ensure accuracy and durability for a long life time of style and practicality. Doorstuff holds four models of Karcher handles in stock: The R38 Starlight, the R40 Phoenix (pictured above), the ER27 Crete and the ER35 Lignano, as well as a wide selection of matching Karcher escutcheons and bathroom thumbturns in both Satin and Duo finishes. We are regularly receiving deliveries from Germany, so any Karcher Design model may be stocked to your order.

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