Master key suites made to your requirements

ISEO master keyed cylinder with thumb-turn

Master keyed cylinders offer the most flexible method of controlling access to a building with multiple cylinder locks and multiple members of staff.  It allows the owner to control access to the building’s many rooms with minimal cost.  ISEO master key cylinders have a good level of security with a 5 Pin system, a solid brass body (satin nickel plated), up to 5000 differs, up to 20 sub-master groups and supplied complete with 2 keys per cylinder.  Where a high security, restricted profile system where security and key control is of primary importance we offer the Access 2 Tigris Patent Restricted profile system which allows full key control as copy keys can only be cut by the cylinder manufacturer.  Master keying also allows each cylinder in a suite to be opened by more than one type of key.  A single key can also have the option to open more than one cylinder (called a central or common cylinder).  All orders for master keyed suites placed via the website will be followed up by an telephone consultation with one of our experts to determine the exact details of your requirements, number of sub masters and/or common locks, and what additional keys you might need, as these systems are built to your individual specifications.

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