I am using 2120mm high doors (PVC edged – 18mm board) at 560 wide. This is above the max height recommendation of 2m for the ‘twin 60’, will this be ok? As a matter of interest (for future reference) would I be able to use the ‘Jason Bottom Rolling Sliding Door Gear’ for doors of 2120 x 560 (18mm). Again I am aware that the height is well above the recommended 1.5m but I believe that the weight of the doors themselves would be less than the max 25kg stated.

The maximum dimensions of doors for Twin 60 and Jason recommended by the manufacturer Coburn is a guideline only.  According to Coburn’s technical department, it was laid down by the original designer of the system and any evidence & reasoning for them has been lost to time.  The weight is by far the most important measurement of the door.  If your doors are MDF then, at 2120 x 560 x 18mm, your doors should weigh approximately 17 kg each.

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