New Mechanical Lock With Optional Hold Open Function

9160-digital-lockThe new Briton 9160 Push Button Mechanical Lock comes complete with an optional hold open function and replaces the Briton 9150, 9155 and P2250 mechanical locks. With a snib on the backplate, the new 9160 allows users the choice of hold open or not. The new lock also enables door hardware specialists to reduce their stock levels as they only need to stock one variant now instead of two.
• Ideally suited to areas which require restricted but convenient access, such as offices, workshops and storerooms.
• Single PIN code with choice of over 8,000 options
• Simple code change mechanism
• Suitable for light duty and internal use only
• Spindle can be cut on site to suit doors between 35mm and 60mm thick
If the hold open feature is not required it can be disabled easily:

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