Projeto 150 sliding door gear in contemporary stainless steel

projeto 150G sliding door gear for frameless glass
The Projeto 150 is an Italian style designer sliding door gear for frameless glass doors.  The satin stainless steel track comes in various lengths and can be cut down.  Rubber covered rollers give a smooth quiet action.  The sliding door kit comes complete with track, single wheel hangers, wall mounting brackets, double end stops, rail end plug and floor guide.  A double door kit also includes centre stops.  The hollow track offers the advantage of fully concealed mounting to the wall or ceiling.  The track is also much lighter than solid designs whilst maintaining excellent strength and rigidity for the sliding door.  This makes the installation of the unit simpler and it can be carried out by a single person for the shorter track lengths.  Anti-jump blocks fitted to the hangers not only stop the door jumping off the rail but are removable, and allow the fitting of the door after the track has been installed, thus simplifying the installation.  All our Projeto kits come with the tracks pre-drilled and the wall brackets already fitted for quick easy installation, in this photo Gneiwko shows the pre-assembly process to MP Anne Marie Morris.

Projeto 150 sliding door track

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