I have a fire door between my utility and garage. (W27″ X H78″ X D44mm), it is currently fitted with an undamped chain closer, which frequently results in the door slamming shut with some force…

…I would like to remove the chain closer and replace it with an overhead closer with speed and latching control.  Can you recommend a suitable closer from the Geze range?
At 27″ wide, your door is on the narrow side, so we’d recommend a door closer which has some adjustability on the power, because you don’t want it to be too stiff to push open.  The Geze TS1500 is a good door closer, power size 3 & 4 by template, and at the reasonable end of the price range.  The Geze TS2000 NV is power size 2-4 adjustable, which you will find more flexible, but it’s more pricey.  Both of these closers have adjustable speed and latching action control.

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