Q: I would like to fit frameless frosted green glass doors into a recess in my bedroom to create a wardrobe…

…The aperture is 2.75mx1.4m – its a strange half-height recess.  I would like to fit a slider mechanism in to the concrete block at the top and suspend 2 or 3 frameless glass panel doors which slide across each other.  I have a builder who can fit this for me, but might need some advice.
A: If your glass panels are under 80kg each then you can use the Rollan 80G system. You can read all about it on our website at the link in the text.  For 2 panels passing in front of each other you would need 2 x R80.32G kits (although they are 3.2m long you can cut them down).  For 3 panels running on two tracks, you would need one extra door pack, see the components list.  If you need more advice, just give us a ring.

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