Q: Using Geze TS2000 door closers in the figure 66 position

I am trying to select some door closers for my scout hut. I have exterior double doors that open outwards so need a figure 66 type as shown in your diagrams.  Does the Geze TS2000 NV + BC come with the brackets necessary for this  please (I have a deep door frame head).  Also does it have the latching feature to hold the door open?
A: Yes, The TS2000NV/BC comes with the fixings for Figure 66 (a parallel arm mounting bracket).  There would be two ways to “latch” the doors in an open position.  One would be to use hold open arms for the closers (order separately). The second way would be to use the TS2000NV/BC door closers on the top of the door, and fit foot operated door holders to the base of the door.  This will only work if your floor surface is not much lower (i.e. a step down) than the base of the door.

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