We have a wardrobe with three large sliding mirror doors running on a ground level track…

…the runners are now worn and need to be replaced. There is an aluminium trim around each door and the bottom one contains a pair of units containing the runners. The existing runners have given 25 years service and both the manufacturer and retailer are out of business. My idea is to simply replace the bottom trim with a new trim containing the runners. Can you help?
Our systems tend not to be suitable for mirrored doors, because of the weight of the doors and the fixing methods, so you would probably find something better elsewhere.  The only one of ours which might be worth a quick look is the Geze Perlan sliding door gear, which can be used as a heavy duty bottom running track (i.e. fitted upside down) but the fixing brackets are designed to be used with timber doors.  You can see it on our website at the link given above.

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