SAHECO SF-70 bottom rolling sliding door gear

The Saheco SF-70 sliding door gear system is designed for larger thicker doors which need to slide on a bottom track.  The system can be used for internal door and also for external door with the addition of the external seals kit.  The Saheco SF-70 sliding door kit comes in various lengths; 2000mm, 3000mm & 5000mm with all the fixings needed for 1 or more doors.  Doors can weigh up to 70kg with a maximum width of 1.6m and a maximum height of 2.5m (each).  The two rollers are morticed centrally into the bottom of the door and run on the aluminium bottom track.  The top of the doors are guided end-fitted rollers that sit in the top track.  The fixing system allows the sliding door to have minimum gaps top and bottom thus enabling sealing onto a rebated frame for external use.

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