How to change the power setting on a GEZE TS1500 door closer

Geze TS1500 shoe position

There are two power settings and changing them is all about the position of the arm.  The part of the arm which fixes to the frame (in figure 1, standard, fitting) is called the shoe.  If the “toe” of the shoe is pointing towards the hinge side of the frame, the power is set on power 3 to EN1154 (~WEAK), if the “toe” is pointing away from the hinge side of the frame, power is set on power 4 to EN1154 (~STRONG).  To change the power setting, simply dismantle the arm using the black hexagon headed bolt, and remove the shoe end of the arm, replacing it turned 180º – see pictures A & B above. Full fitting instructions can be found in the technical documents on the Geze TS1500 page.

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