SLIDO Design 80-M concealed softstop sliding door kit – NEW!!!


SLIDO Design 80-M concealed softstop sliding door kit
The SLIDO Design 80-M is a completely concealed sliding door track system with softstop at both ends.  The system uses a concealed top track that is attached to the back of the door with two bottom rollers to support the weight of the door at either end.  The bottom rollers do not need any track as they just roll on the hard floor, and a morticed floor guide helps keep the door running straight.  The top roller carriage is designed to take some of the weight of the door and keep the door in place whilst the bottom rollers take the rest of the door weight.  The top track is partially morticed into the top of the door (see diagram on the right) and has a softstop brake at either end.  The SLIDO range of sliding door gear offers superior running performance due to low friction nylon wheels and roller bearing axles.

You can now find this product at our sister site, Sliding Doorstuff, here.

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