Telescopic sliding door gear

Rollan telescopic sliding door gear

GEZE Rollan telescopic sliding door gear is for light / medium use on timber doors weighing up to 80kg each. The two aluminium track comes in various lengths and can be cut down easily. The nylon rollers give a smooth easy action whist the doors are moved. The sliding door kit comes complete with track, runners, door brackets and stops. The GEZE range of sliding door gear offers superior running performance due to low friction nylon wheels and pin bearing axles. The simple telescopic sliding door system allows two doors to slide back to one side with a simple mechanical pickup action and in a cost effective package. The Rollan 80 Telescopic sliding system uses buffers placed on the top of the doors to activate the movement. When the door furthest from the wall in the closed position (door 1 in the illustrations below) is pulled open it moves adjacent to the other door (door 2). When door 1 and door 2 are aligned both doors then slide together adjacent to the wall. When the doors are to be closed door 1 is pulled out until the telescopic brackets engage then it picks up door 2 and both doors move until their finishing position.

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