What are pullman catches?

Q (from Rachel) We are looking for a Panic bar to suit a uPVC french door.  We don’t need a handle on the outside.  The Exidor 502A-B looks like it will do the job.  What do the optional extras mean (Horizontal pullman catches & Vertical pullman catches)?
A: (from Doorstuff) The pullman catches offer better security, and for a uPVC door, you’d probably go for the vertical ones. If you don’t, the unit is supplied with a top trip to suit a uPVC door, so it will still work OK.  More important things to consider though – Is there any internal locking system already in the door, how does the door currently operate, is it a single or double door?  Any current locking & handles will need to be disengaged so the only lock on the door will be the Exidor 502A-B to meet fire regulations.

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