What makes The GEZE TS2000NVBC our bestselling door closer?

It’s the versatility and reliability, its hard wearing but gentle action we love.  While ticking all the regulatory boxes of fire regs, DDA, CE marking etc, it is almost always the best door closer in so many ways.  Let me tell you its story; GEZE designed the TS4000 model with power adjustability, back check as standard, and all the controls on the body of the closer to make installation and set up a dream, but they realised not all that many doors called for the maximum power setting of 6 (54Mn) suitable for a door of 1400mm wide.  So they came up with the TS2000NVBC which combined all the excellent features of the TS4000 within the body size of the TS2000, thus allowing an adjustable power setting of 2 – 4 (13Nm – 26Nm).  Remember the important figure you’re looking for on a standard sized fire door is 18Nm, which is power size 3.  Setting up one of these is easy, no longer do you have to move the body along the door to change the power, as with the older style TS2000V.  It has all the other features at your command too – adjustable closing speed, adjustable back check and adjustable latching action – making this door closer our most popular and well loved model. 

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