How Can I Stop My Hinges From Rusting?

Ferrous metals (Iron and Steel) rust quickly when exposed to air and moisture, so one way to prevent rusting hinges is to use an alloy metal, such as stainless steel, that is designed to prevent rusting. However, if you already have hinges installed and don’t want to change them, the best way to prevent them from rusting is by keeping air and moisture away from the surface. Traditionally people have kept their hinges painted to keep them from rusting but people also use grease and oil to block out moisture and air.

However, this upkeep can be time consuming and will need re-coating after continuous or heavy use. Therefore installing stainless steel or, even better, marine-grade stainless steel is the best way to stop hinges from rusting. Doorstuff have a wide range of stainless steel hinges at reasonable prices so check out our website to see how you can eliminate rusting hinges from your life.

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Just in Time for Halloween: Ghost-Resistant Door Gear!

With only a few days left until Halloween, now’s the last chance to buy your multi-purpose ghost resistant door gear! Works on sliding and swing doors to prevent any spooky happenings affecting you this hallows-eve. See a ghost at the end of your corridor? Just shut the door and the cutting-edge technology prevents any spirits from entering your room. Each piece of door gear has been personally blessed by an ironmonger to ensure its ability to repel any king of unwanted supernatural being. So to prevent any kind of Lovecraftian horror from disturbing your sleep this October, visit our website at to browse our products!

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How to Make Sure Your Fire Door Works

Fire doors are an essential part of remaining safe at work, school, or even in your home. However, just having a fire door installed doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be able to keep you safe in the event of an emergency. Proper fire door safety etiquette is essential in making sure the fire door can do it’s job at protecting you and reducing the damage done by a fire.

Here are some things you need to look for to make sure your fire door is safe. First and foremost, the door needs to be in good condition and not be blocked or locked in a way that can’t be unlocked quickly. The door needs to sit into the frame, and have 3 fire-rated hinges. The most important aspect of a fire door, and the reason it can keep out fire and smoke, is the intumescent seal that travels around the borders of the door. Keep in mind that some seals can be built into the door, hiding it, and therefore it may not be easy to check at a glance. Even if the door is up to specification, it is vitally important that nothing holds open the door, unless it is being held open electro-mechanically with a special hold open door closer. 

Making sure that your fire door is safe and functional is vitally important and therefore if you have any questions please call our technical team on 0207 099 2822 or email

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How Do Fire Doors Work?

A fire door is used to stop the fire progressing through the building by reducing the fires ability to pass from room to room, as well as restricting the amount of oxygen that can feed a fire. Fire doors are usually either 30 minutes or 60 minutes fire doors that can contain a fire for a certain amount of time. Some fire doors are only made for keeping out fire but not smoke, and others are made to prevent smoke and fire from spreading. Continue reading

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Meet the Team: Erika

Hi my is Erika Butland and I’m in technical sales here at Doorstuff. I recently passed the first year of my GAI Certificate of Architectural Hardware, and I’m now starting my second year of three. I love working at Doorstuff because I have an inquisitive mind and I enjoy solving issues with the customers, as well as learning and working out how certain products work in different situations. I also find it very rewarding to be able to explain products to the customer in a way they can understand, making their purchase simple and stress free.

You can usually find me on the phones helping customers with technical support, or at the desk of our showroom answering queries in-person.

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Canadian Bears vs. Door Handles

Back in March 2014, the Canadian city of Vancouver banned the use of lever door handles on outside doors in new buildings. The change sparked outrage as door knobs can be quite difficult for elderly or disabled people to operate. However the change in Canada and some US states such as Colorado has come as a way to protect people from others that can’t operate door knobs: Bears. Continue reading

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New Deputy Head of Security

Doorstuff have recently hired a new Deputy Head of Security, Tintin the Parsons Terrier. His security duties include searching people’s bags for nibbles, chewing shoelaces and generally annoying our Head of Security, Minka the Labradoodle. Our new security member comes in at a whopping 30cm tall and weighs a staggering 8lbs so don’t even think about messing with him.

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Great New Offer on Hold-Open Door Closer!

Doorstuff are excited to announce a new 28% discount off the ASSA DC340 hold open door closer while stocks last. The discount is only available until 30th September 2018 and customers must use the discount code at the checkout to obtain the lowered price.

Discount Code: YbjSX5 Continue reading

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New website launched this week

Doorstuff is delighted to announce the launch this week of their new website ( On the same domain as the old website, this platform promises improved functionality on smart phones and tablets as well as the reassurance of a secure server for the complete site, not just the payment areas. In addition to our complete range of quality door hardware, there are some exciting new product offerings, and additional technical data, drawings and PDFs. If you are familiar with the old site, the new one has been designed to work in a similar way with all your favourite categories in place, but if you need assistance our expert team are on hand for telephone support on 0207 099 2822.

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Doorstuff Celebrate 8+ Years As Members Of The Buy With Confidence Scheme

Some of the team photographed in the sunshine outside our Teignmouth HQ. We took this photo for an article the Plymouth Herald are writing about Trading Standards’ Buy With Confidence scheme, of which we have been a proud member for 8+ years. Accreditation for the scheme involves being audited by Trading Standards for business practices and customer satisfaction – they even contact a random sample of our customers to make sure we’re the “good eggs” we try to be.

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