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Q: Recommend a door closer for an arched door?

August 29, 2011 by · Comments Off on Q: Recommend a door closer for an arched door? 

A: For a heavy arched door you’ll need to use EITHER:- a concealed jamb door closer such as the AA145 which may be powerful enough, but check.   OR:- a floor spring door closer, sunk into the floor at the hinge side of the door, check out the product pages here on the website for more information.

Fitting a door closer to an arched door?

June 15, 2010 by · Comments Off on Fitting a door closer to an arched door? 

Q: (from John) I am a carpenter and have been asked to fit a door closer at a primary school. The door however is an arched one. I fitted some spring hinges, along with a hydraulic hinge. This worked for a short period but the hinges are not man enough. I feel a traditional overhead door closer would work, do you sell a bracket which fits an arched frame or will I have to get one made? I have taken a photo of the door.
A: (from Doorstuff) Some arches are suitable for overhead door closers, it depends on the steepness and characteristics of the arch. This would be called a “Lazy Arch”, and we think a door closer would work perfectly well.  A steeper “Gothic Arch” with a pointed arch would not accept a door closer, in which case you’d have to use a floor sping door closer with rocker arm.