CE Marked Doorsets – Business as usual for Door Assemblies in 2014

Door assemblies are still legal after 1 July 2013.   And they will stay legal for the foreseeable future.  Door assemblies are NOT doorsets – so CE marking doesn’t apply to them.
You can’t tell the difference between doorsets and door assemblies just by looking at them. It’s how they’re supplied that matters. If it all comes from one source – usually a doorset manufacturer – then it’s a doorset.  If various trades supply individual parts or components for assembly on site, then it’s a door assembly.  Traditionally, the majority of timber doors in the UK have been supplied as door assemblies, with their hardware coming from an architectural ironmonger who has prepared and/or priced a schedule of ironmongery.  Steel and aluminium doors have traditionally been supplied as doorsets, though sometimes the ironmonger gets to supply cylinders which are under MK, and perhaps operating furniture such as levers or pull handles, to match the rest of the project.  In future, any  doorset which falls under the scope of a harmonised standard will be supplied complete by the  manufacturer, and will be CE marked by them.  Door assemblies do not fall under the scope of any doorset standard – they can’t, they’re door assemblies.  It will remain legal to supply door assemblies in the UK. 

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