I’m looking for a door closer for the front door of my little shop. I think something like the Geze TS1500 will be suitable. The thing that’s worrying me is that the door is directly under a thick lintel. There’s only 30mm from the top of the door to the underside of the lintel. Is this enough space to fit a TS1500?

We assume that the door is inward opening and therefore the door closer will be fitted to the inside of the door (PULL side)?  Then the Geze TS1500 will be a good door closer for you if there’s enough room on the door for the body, the arm will fit comfortably on the 30mm deep transom beneath your lintel.  One consideration I would raise – does your lintel continue right around the door down to the floor (called the reveal) – because if so, then your door closer body fitted in the correct position might hit the wall reveal before reaching 90° open.  If this applies to your scenario, then we would recommend going for an adjustable door closer like the Geze TS2000 NV which could be positioned further along the door and adjusted to a lower power setting to compensate.  The Geze TS3000V guide rail door closer would also be suitable as it is also adjustable power size 1-4.  I’ve made those links to those pages on our website, where you can read about all their features.

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