GEZE Perlan & Rollan glass clamping plates

GEZE perlan glass clamp
Focus on the 30mm glass clamping plates which are used to attach the toughened glass to the top hung sliding door gear for both the GEZE Perlan and the Rollan sliding door gear for frameless glass. The glass does not need to be drilled for the clamps. The clamps are suitable for glass of 8mm, 10mm or 12mm thickness and are supplied with short covers to hide the clamp fastenings. The German name for these is nice and easy to transplate:  Glasklemmplatte! Full length clamp covers are also available in two lengths, 950mm and 1450mm. The cover attaches to the 30mm glass clamping plates and provide an asthetically pleasing look across the top of the door with the minimum of effort. When the end of the covers are more than 200mm from the clamps then a set of End Clamps are required to ensure the stability of the covers at either end of the glass.

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