How To Care For Automatic Doors During Heavy Snow

This winter could bring the longest whiteout in Britain since the 1950s, according to weather forecasters. This would bring about many challenges, and would not be the best time to find out that your automatic doors are not working properly. A malfunctioning automatic door would increase heat loss, increase chances of water ingress, and increase the carbon footprint of the building.

Geze UK’s service director Steve Marshall advises people to carry out weekly checks on their automatic doors. These checks include:

  • Checking brush strips are present and in good condition
  • Clearing the opening of the door of debris like snow and grit
  • Making sure the sensors are clean and undamaged
  • Ensuring the door closes fully each time it is not in use
  • Testing push buttons to ensure the door opens properly
  • Visually inspecting the door for any damage

The full list can be found on Geze’s website and it is strongly recommended that these checks be carried out to ensure your automatic door is working. Automatic doors can be very useful however caution is advised during extreme weather.

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