Q: I have a door that is a glass panel at the top. The wood above the glass to the door stop is approx 73mm. The door opens outwards. The door is on a warehouse and is used quite a lot by the public. I have brought 2 closers from my local DIY centre but they do not fit due to the narrow bit at the top. What do you recommend?

There are two possible solutions; Option 1.) Using a door closer with a Drop Plate, e.g. the Geze TS2000NVBC (which is a really good mid-range, mid-price model) – the drop plate (shown above) allows the body to be set lower than the fixing positions, over the glass in this case, and it is an extra £18.00 + VAT.  Option 2.) Using a guide rail door closer, but buying the “L” version which is designed to be fitted in “Figure 66” – the body on the door and the guide rail on the frame.  You can see the Geze TS5000L at this link (scroll down to “L”), and then see the fitting guide showing Figure 66 mounting.

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