I am looking for an outside access handle/system through a door fitted with panic hardware inside. This is for after hours hotel guests to come and go. I need to ensure the door is self locking after access from both sides.

To do the job of locking automatically upon closing, we recommend the Exidor 305 mortice operators.  On the inside (push to escape) side of the door you have a normal push bar which comes with a lock case which is morticed into the door.  It comes with a euro profile cylinder and escutcheon as standard so guests may enter from the outside with just a key OR, if you would prefer to give guests a code to enter, then the CL1 mechanical digital lock (with a door handle) is compatible.  If you decide not use a CL1, then you might add a pull handle to the outside of the door.  The 425mm long “D” pull handle in Brushed Stainless Steel is the minimum to meet the Disability Discrimination Act.

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