Fixing heights for pull handles to meet BS8300:2009


The original BS8300 described the principles for door furniture.  Although the intention was for guidance and demonstration purposes only, in reality many specifiers and manufacturers alike have been unwilling to stray beyond the dimensions and shapes actually shown.  Consequently pull handles have invariably been 425mm high, round bar design. 
 The revised guidance moves away from fixed positions for the vertical pull handles, giving only minimum heights for the top fixing of 1300mm, and maximum height of 1000mm and minimum height of 700mm for the bottom fixing, effectively allowing a minimum 300mm pull handle.  The diameter (or cross section) of a pull handle remains at 19mm – 35mm.  Although a conventional “D” shape is shown, other shapes of pull handles such as the guardsman “T” are acceptable, as long as they meet the dimensional criteria.

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