“Heavy Duty” is not a subjective term – how to be sure you’re buying quality door handles


The term “Heavy Duty” is no longer subjective, there are EN standards which define the use and durability of each product. A suite of European product performance standards (ENs) have been developed for most building components, these include a comprehensive range of product performance standards for architectural hardware. Products are ‘marked’ with a six or more digit classification coding which shows in detail just what levels of product performance are being claimed for the item. This classification system enables complementary items to also be specified to, for instance, a common level of corrosion resistance, category of use, door mass, etc. as shown below.en-numbers

The important numbers defining the durability of a door closer for example are the first, second, forth and sixth digits. These are as follows:
Digit 1 – Category of use
Grade 2 – for use by people with some incentive to exercise care but where there is some chance of misuse
Grade 3 – high frequency of use by public or others with little incentive to exercise care and with a high chance of misuse.
Digit 2 – Number of test cycles
Grade H – 200,000 cycles; 10N (load on latchbolt)
Grade X – 200,000 cycles; 120N (load on latchbolt)
Digit 4 – Fire Behaviour – Suitability for use on fire/smoke door assemblies having successfully completed a fire test to EN 1634
Grade 0 – not approved for fire/smoke doors
Grade 1 – suitable for use on fire/smoke doors subject to assessment

Digit 6 – Corrosion Resistance – Level of corrosion resistance to EN 1670 Neutral Salt Spray test and operation of the product at extreme temperatures
Grade F – high corrosion resistance; -20°C to +80°C
Grade G – very high resistance; -20°C to +80°C
Marking – To order to comply with the EN standard each product and/or its packaging are required to be marked with:  
The manufacturer’s name or trademark or other means of identification.
Product identification number.
The six or more digit classification number as above.
The BS EN standard number e.g. BS EN 1154 for door closers
The year and week of manufacture (this may be coded).
CE Marking – To be marked with the European Commission’s CE mark, a product will hold all the required certification including classification code of product, type-testing to EN number, manufacturer’s mark, year of manufacture, EC certificate of conformity etc. which will be verified by the notified certification body.

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