We have a GEZE door closer fitted to one of a large complex of apartments constructed about 2002/2003. Not able to identify model. The door closes very quickly and with a bang. Would appreciate advice on how to adjust to operate better.

You can identify Geze door closers by their body size if nothing else is visible; for example the body of a TS4000 is 287mm long, a TS2000 is 226mm long and a TS1500 is 177mm long.  The door “closing very quickly and with a bang” definitely doesn’t sound right, in fact it would do that if all the oil had leaked out of it (which might happen if it has been over-adjusted for closing speed, etc).  If you can identify which closer it is from its size, we can give some more help about adjustment, or check the relevant product page here on the website for technical pdfs.

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